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Why The FreeWheel Is The Best Accessory

March 6, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

If you want to increase your independence and get to more places in your wheelchair, the FreeWheel is your best accessory option. It makes pushing over grass, gravel, snow, or sand not only possible, but easy. Discover how the FreeWheel opens up your accessibility places you never dreamed were possible to get to.

FreeWheel is lightweight

The FreeWheel is lightweight and you can clip it onto your front footrest yourself, without assistance. It is compact and fits easily into the boot of the car. Once attached, you simply twist the wheel around, this takes a little practice, but you’ll soon get the knack, and this lifts the casters up off the ground. Check out this video to see how easy it is to set up.

If you want to convert your manual wheelchair so that you can go-anywhere, then this is the exact equipment you need. Just pop on the straight swap off-road all-terrain wheelchair wheels, attach the FreeWheel attachment, and you are set to tackle even the most difficult of routes.

FreeWheel attachment

The single larger wheel lets you travel with a lot less effort over all kinds of terrain. Normally, those little front casters get stuck in anything but the smoothest of surfaces and pushing yourself is hard work. With the FreeWheel however pushing over any kind of surface is really easy. In this video you can see Scott Smith of Invictus Active putting the FreeWheel through its paces.

The FreeWheel has even made a TV appearance on the BBCs Countryfile, allowing presenter Steve Brown to access deep into the forest with ease.

FreeWheel with all kinds of active manual wheelchairs

You can use the FreeWheel with all kinds of active manual wheelchairs and there is an adaptor available so you can use it with folding chairs also.

Andrew Moore uses his FreeWheel to get out and about in the snow, and Claire Ryan states on her Facebook page “There are NO LIMITS with a FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment I can go anywhere, even across wet, muddy leafy, fields, in Autumn.”

Read the reviews left by many satisfied customers here

Still not convinced? Then try the FreeWheel out for yourself. Invictus Active are offering a free fourteen day no obligation trial. Just click here to order your FreeWheel and discover what it can do for YOU.

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