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Wheelchair Mountain Bike Wheels

March 6, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

If you want to enjoy some off-road pushing you will need to purchase some wheelchair mountain bike wheels. You cannot simply put off-road mountain bike tyres onto your standard wheelchair wheels as the tyres are much wider and would catch your side guard. You will need to purchase some wheelchair mountain bike wheels and your best choice are the Invictus All-Terrain wheels.

Heavy duty wheels

These heavy-duty wheels have an off-centre hub to accommodate the wider off-road tyres. They have 36 strong stainless-steel spokes which can take the knocks, strains, and bumps of off-road pushing and the two wheels have a load capacity of 150-kg.

The Invictus Active All- Terrain wheels are some of the best wheelchair mountain bike wheels available as they are strong, durable, and also attractive with a high-quality matt black finish and black anodised handrims which improve speed and look stylish.

Simply swap over to these 24-inch wheelchair mountain bike wheels when the terrain gets difficult. They fit right on to a standard ½-inch axle and can also replace 25-inch wheels. We will include with your wheels the correct length of quick release pin to replace your standard pin.

All-Terrain wheels

These Invictus All-Terrain wheels come with off-road tyres with large outer lugs to obtain maximum traction and grip over rough surfaces, yet with a central rib section which decreases resistance to make pushing easier. What’s more, these tyres come with K-guard puncture protection so you can forget about getting a flat tyre and concentrate on having fun.

The protective layer of natural rubber is reinforced with thousands of Kevlar® fibres which make the tyres on these wheelchair mountain bike wheels virtually impossible to puncture. Your Invictus All-Terrain wheels will be delivered with the tyres and inner tubes fitted, so you can pop them straight on and hit some challenging trail and tracks.

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