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March 6, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

Looking for the Perfect Wheelchair Exercise Routine?

This trifecta of awesome exercise machines take the ‘dis’ out of disability by allowing you to workout from the comfort of your wheelchair. Whether you are paraplegic or have a spinal cord injury, finding an effective, fun and affordable exercise routine can be challenging. We’ve made the decision easier for you by testing what’s on the market and have come up with these three winners!

Solution for all manual wheelchair

This easy-to-assemble and easy-to-use trainer is the perfect solution for all manual wheelchair us-ers. In a mere 30 seconds you can set up the machine, roll up and start your workout. The Invictus Active Trainer designed to simulate an on-road experience, thus allowing you to increase arm and core strength while you exercise.

Best of all, this trainer is high-tech and connects with an app to your tablet or phone to record your speed, distance and heart-rate. Our testers found this feature to be extremely motivating as it al-lows you to challenge yourself to beat your latest record!

Whether you like your workouts slow and steady or intense and exciting, the Invictus Active Trainer is what workout dreams are made of. Starting at a cool £799, this affordable wheelchair exercise machine is a life-changer.

This life-changing trainer provides a complete cardio workout, allowing you to build muscle strength, core stability, and burn up to 350 kcal per 30 minutes to achieve your weight loss goals.


This powerhouse arm and leg workout is perfect for those with any disability, and is especially ideal for parapelgics. This machine impresses them all—the elderly, the overweight, or those recovering from injuries. With full arm motion, you propel your arms and legs into a muscle-building, calorie-burning, fun-filled frenzy. This propelling motion is ideal for stimulating healthy blood circulation, gaining muscle and burning calories.

We’ve chosen this as a top fitness equipment contender because it’s effective, affordable and easy-to-use and store. When it comes to quality and effectiveness, you’ll be happy to invest in this life-changing machine, which runs a reasonable £1295.00. In addition, it’s lightweight (only 12 kg) and folds completely flat so that you can easily store in under the bed or in the closet.

Fitness is one of the key’s of turning your disability into an ability. Anyone would enjoy a healthy workout with this innovative stationary exercise bike.

Berkel Bike Pro

The award-winning Berkel Bike Pro, designed by renowned physical therapists, is a fan favourite for those who enjoy the thrill of the open road or simply moving around the neighbourhood. Cycling tops lists of preferred fitness activities all around the world and the Berkel bike brings full-body sport to those with a variety of disabilities, including those with physical limitations in their legs and those living with Polio, Stroke (CVA), Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Cord Lesions and more.

The Berkel Bike Pro combines the motion of a handcycle and a recumbent bike and can be pow-ered by arms and legs, or just arms. Both versatile and adaptable, it can be outfitted to meet your needs with a Tacx roller or Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) System.

The Berkel Bike Pro also has safety and comfort in mind, and is equipped with a wide wheelbase, 8 gears for various terrain, and an adjustable seat. Add this great machine to your exercise routine today to improve your level of fitness and make the neighbours jealous!

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