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March 5, 2020
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WAVs (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) are vehicles converted to accommodate wheelchair users, or for those who would like to drive while seated on their wheelchair. WAVs are normally vehicles from known firms such as Fiat, Renault, Peugeot and Vauxhall which are converted by specialist companies and turned to a WAV.

They are normally fitted with features that allow access for the WAV and also assist in ensuring the passengers travel safely. These features include lifts or built-in ramps, seat belts and wheelchair tie downs.

There are a range of other features that can be purchased and fitted to further improve your driving experience. WAVs are more accommodating to a wheelchair user than a normal vehicle due to these sophisticated features.


WAVs that allow you to drive while you are seated in your wheelchair enable you to drive like anybody else. They are normally fitted with custom controls to make your driving as independent as possible. They not only make you drive more independently but also improve your overall driving.

There are mainly 2 kinds of conversions: one that allows you to drive from your wheelchair and one that makes it easy for a wheelchair passenger to access the vehicle when he is traveling. A conversion for easy transfer of a wheelchair passenger in and out of the vehicle are usually not that costly and is the best option if you are frequently driven.

wheelchair cars west midlands

You will be able to get this assessment at no cost at all if you are awarded a grant from Motability. WAVs that have been converted to passenger WAVs have more seats than the ones converted for wheelchair users to drive them.

Automatic anchoring systems

However, both kinds of conversions will need equipment to secure your wheelchair. These automatic anchoring systems are normally fitted on you and your wheelchair just to make sure they are perfect for you. You may need to apply to Motability for some financial aid as most of these features are costly.

However, they will help you drive independently without any assistance. To make sure you get a custom made vehicle, you will need to have an assessment, especially if you are new to using such cars.

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