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Wheelchair Accessible Cars Cornwall

March 6, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

Many wheelchair users are unaware of the options that are available which would allow them to enjoy the benefits of a vehicle specially adapted to accommodate their chair.

There are responsible dealers around the country who offer wheelchair accessible vehicles both new and used, and with a standard conversion or customised.

Wheelchair cars Cornwall as they are commonly known, can also be hired for a short term, or leased through the Motability scheme with an initial lump sum and then using your mobility allowance.

Check out all the options before you decide which would be the best way for you to obtain a WAV and to enjoy an easier and freer way of life.

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WAV's make life easier - and cost less than you may think.

While wheelchair accessible vehicles Cornwall are not cheap, a standard conversion of a popular vehicle purchased used may cost a lot less than you thought. Of course, if you are looking for a vehicle which you can drive from your wheelchair, this will be more expensive.

Most of these types of WAVs are customised to specially meet the needs of the wheelchair user. However, you might be fortunate and find a second-hand vehicle which suits your requirements.

Wheelchair cars Cornwall which are designed to accommodate a wheelchair user as a passenger are much more affordable. There are several converters who offer standardised conversions of popular models of vehicles which are suitable for this purpose.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles Cornwall.

We can help you find wheelchair accessible vehicles Cornwall – from as low as £1,995 – browse our stock or contact a dealer near you here.

Most economical versions:

Not all converters offer the same features in the same model of vehicle so it is well worth checking out different options. The most economical versions are usually accessed by a ramp through a rear door.

Inside the vehicle the wheelchair is normally anchored in the rear part of the vehicle or in some conversions it can pass through into the front giving the wheelchair user a prime position.

Consider if you would feel comfortable travelling in the back of the vehicle. Often the floor in the vehicle is lowered so that the ramp is not too steep and can be negotiated with ease, and also so that there is sufficient headroom.

However, if you are tall this might not be the best option for you as you may bump your head when travelling on rough roads or have restricted visibility. You might want to opt for a front seat option.

Many wheelchair cars available in Lancashire.

Size of WAVs:

In a small WAV, there may be room for the driver and a passenger in the front and the wheelchair user in the rear. Consider how much space you need for other passengers and for luggage. Of course, the larger the vehicle the more expensive it is going to be.

Renting a WAV is a really good way to get to know the problems and limitations along with the positive points of different conversions, which can help you make the decision as to which one would be the best for you to purchase.

If you are thinking of purchasing a used wheelchair accessible cars Cornwall make sure that you check out its maintenance record, just as you would with any other vehicle. Always ask for a home trial as well so that you can be completely sure that your investment will allow you to enjoy more freedom and comfort.



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