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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Luton

July 31, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

WAVs or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles are automobiles that have been modified or built specifically for people in a wheelchair to easily get access inside the vehicle. These wheelchair accessible vehicles Luton are converted to allow a wheelchair user either to drive or sit as a passenger. These modified vehicles look more or less the same as other typical cars on the exterior; however, inside these cars are features specially made to give access and at the same time comfort for wheelchair users.

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How important easy access is?:

We, at The Accessible Planet, provide a platform to help people with limited mobility or in a wheelchair to have everything as accessible as possible. This site is managed by wheelchair users who have personal and direct experience and understanding regarding accessibility and how important easy access is. This platform allows people and businesses to meet, and make everything more accessible especially for people with limited movement or in a wheelchair.

We have more than 500 brand new or used wheelchair accessible vehicles perfect for your needs – browse our stock or contact a dealer near you here.

We help you find the most appropriate and suitable vehicle:

In our site,we have more than 500 brand new or used wheelchair accessible vehicles perfect for your needs; but, bear in mind that these sales are done through private sellers and specialist dealers all over the UK. We work as your Auto-trader of wheelchair accessible vehicles Luton, as we help you find the most appropriate and suitable vehicle that would cater to your wants and needs.

Second-hand wheelchair accessible vehicles Luton

You can opt for a brand new wheelchair accessible vehicles Luton.

However, you should take note that these vehicles are more expensive than typical automobiles, as there are additional costs incurred for the adaptation and conversion of these vehicles. If you have a limited budget, don’t despair, as there are already increasing the supply of second-hand wheelchair accessible vehicles Luton. These modified cars are from previous wheelchair users who want to upgrade a new one. Plus, if the need is really urgent and you are still out of budget, then we also have Motabilitywavs where you can make use of your disability living allowance or personal independence payment to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

However, if you only need an accessible adapted vehicle for a short time, then we also have wheelchair accessible vehicles Luton for hire. You can lease it for a day to 6 days or even up to a year.

Our site also provides the best platform to sell and advertise your wheelchair car, as we top search engine rankings for wheelchair accessible vehicles. We also offer a private seller listing options or dealer packages where we can endorse you as a specialist WAV dealer and advertise all your stock. So, we have everything from A to Z when it comes to wheelchair accessible vehicles. Together, let’s make London an accessible place to live in.



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