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March 6, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

Wheelchair access vehicles Plymouth – Travelling can be complicated for wheelchair users. Even a trip to the shops can be a major expedition, first involving an often complicated, and sometimes uncomfortable, pass from the chair to a car seat.

Then, the assistance of another person is required to fold up and store the wheelchair, which in small cars is virtually impossible. When arriving at the destination a reverse repeat of the process has to be performed, and often, by the time you’re where you want to be, everyone is worn out!

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Wheelchairs cars available near Plymouth...

Travelling in a vehicle specially designed to accommodate a wheelchair changes all that, and gives people with mobility problems the opportunity to travel in comfort and safety.

Wheelchair access vehicles Plymouth, or WAVs, as they are commonly known, come in different sizes, designs, and prices, and they can make the lives of wheelchair users of all ages easier and more enjoyable.

The wheelchair enters into the vehicle either through a back or a side door via a ramp or using a lift. Once inside, the wheelchair is securely clamped into place for safe travel.

Sometimes the chair, or chairs, are located in the back section of the vehicle, the floor of which is normally lowered to provide sufficient headroom. Sometimes the wheelchair passes through into the front passenger position, leaving all the space in the back for other passengers or for luggage.

Wheelchair vehicles Plymouth.

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Size of WAVs:

Some WAVs can even be driven by the wheelchair user. These, however, are normally custom built to the special requirements of each client, and so are much more costly. It is possible to design a WAV so that the wheelchair user can enter the vehicle and drive without needing assistance from anyone.

This may require complex modifications of both the body and the driving mechanisms of the vehicle and all work must be completed to the highest standard to ensure the safety of both the driver and of other road users. Deciding what kind of wheelchair cars Plymouth you want and which design best suits your needs can be complicated.

Take the time to look at different options and consider your particular necessities and capacities. Remember that it is really important that you feel comfortable and safe with all aspects of entering, riding in and disembarking.

There are many types of wheelchair cars.

Wheelchair Access Vehicles Plymouth

Many WAVs designed for wheelchair-using passengers are converted from normal vehicles which have a basic structure suitable for the purpose. However, different converters may offer diverse options for the same model of vehicle, so it’s worth checking out different set-ups.

It can be overwhelming trying to decide which is the best wheelchair accessible vehicle to choose, so to help you to make the correct decision visit the website WAV Compare.

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The impartial advice covers many aspects of buying, renting and leasing WAVs, and contains lots of really relevant information that will help you to make the correct decision and to acquire the perfect wheelchair vehicles Plymouth to meet your needs.



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