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WAV Types

March 5, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

There are 3 main types of WAVs and then a number of adaptations available – it’s important to know how each type differ so you can determine what best meets your needs.

Rear passenger

Rear passenger WAVs are the most common type of conversion – where the wheelchair user sits in the back and access is via a ramp or lift at the rear of the vehicle.

Most rear passenger WAVs with a manual ramp have a lowered floor so that the ramp is less steep when deployed and so that there is enough headroom for the wheelchair user when sitting inside the WAV. The seating layout and access options are dependent on the type of conversion, the make and model of vehicle and by which converter.

The wheelchair user does not have to be the passenger – a drive from wheelchair WAV enables you to remain securely seated in your wheelchair and drive the vehicle. There are numerous adaptations available so anyone can drive, these include hand controls through to full sensor control, meaning you can even drive using only one hand.

Ride Up Front

A ride up front WAV is where the wheelchair user can sit alongside the driver – up at the front in the usual front passenger position. They are a popular choice as overall the position is preferred than sitting in the back, especially when there is usually only a driver and the wheelchair user.

The conversion either consists of a rear ramp that enables the wheelchair user to go straight to the front or there is a front side entry conversion (Kia Sedona or Fiat Doblo) where you can slide and pull out a ramp all located at the front passenger door.

A ride up front is more specialist, the original new conversion costs more and there are less on the used market – this results in them being more expensive, maybe even double the price of a rear entry manual ramp option.

Drive From Wheelchair

From time to time you may need another person to drive your vehicle, even if as the wheelchair user you are the primary driver. In many drive from wheelchair WAVs, the front passenger seat can be swapped with the driver’s side. In addition, these vehicles have a docking system so that you can travel as a passenger, as well as a driver. You will want to ask a wheelchair accessible vehicle sales representative more about this specific feature.



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