Wheelchair Accessible Cars Somerset

Going on holiday with the family may seem to be an impossible dream for a wheelchair user. However, renting a wheelchair vehicles Somerset can make a dream come true.

There are specialised companies about the country who rent especially converted vehicles to suit your needs. Wheelchair accessible vehicles, or WAVs, as they are generally called, come in different sizes to accommodate one or more wheelchairs and as many other passengers and as much luggage space as required.

Wheelchair vehicles Somerset.

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WAV's make life easier - and cost less than you may think.

Access to a wheelchair accessible vehicle Somerset is either through the rear doors or through a side door. Some have ramps which fold down easily with the help of special spring-loaded hinges, and some are also hinged in the centre so that they do not obstruct the rear window.

The ramp usually has a gentle incline so it is easy to get up it either unaided or with some assistance, and on steeper ramps, a winch which is attached to the front of the chair is often employed to make entering easier. Some vehicles have a remotely controlled lift platform which raises and lowers to allow even easier access.

Once inside the vehicle, the wheelchairs are securely locked into position and the other passengers can accommodate themselves on the remaining seats. These larger models of wheelchair vehicles Somerset, offer good visibility and a comfortable travelling position for everyone.

Size of WAVs:

Not all WAVs, however, are so large, and there are many different models available to suit all needs. Rear entry vehicles are the most common but these do require quite a large space behind in order to employ the ramp so some people prefer a side entrance. Be sure that you think about the places where you are likely to take the vehicle and as to which of these options might be the best way for you to enter and leave the wheelchair accessible vehicle Somerset. Also, think about where you are going to park it and make sure that it will enter into your garage or driveway. If you are thinking of buying a smaller WAV remember to consider that most conversions have a lowered floor to provide sufficient headroom in the rear part of the vehicle. However, if you are very tall you may feel a little claustrophobic and you may be better off choosing to travel in the front seat.

Some WAVs allow the wheelchair user to drive the vehicle right from their chair, or they have a special swivel seat which makes passing from the wheelchair into a normal driving or passenger seat much more simple. Some conversions allow the wheelchair user to drive or to be the front seat passenger with interchangeable front seat fittings. Most wheelchair accessible vehicles Somerset which allow the wheelchair user to drive are custom built to make sure that the driver is completely comfortable and in full control of the vehicle at all times. All WAVs have to pass rigorous safety tests and are totally roadworthy. There are lots of things to consider before purchasing a wheelchair cars Somerset and remember to ask for a home trial so you can be sure that everything functions just how you need it to.

There are many types of wheelchair cars.
Wheelchair cars are popular in Somerset.

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