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March 6, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

There are small, medium and large WAV’s – plus minibuses! – generally the bigger the WAV the more passengers it will be able to accommodate plus the wheelchair user. Large WAVs and minibuses can also accommodate more than one wheelchair user.

When you see ‘3 passengers plus wheelchair’ – this is including the driver, so usually means the driver + front passenger + 1 in the rear along with the wheelchair user.

There are different conversions – for example you will find Renault Kangoo’s suitable for 3 and/or 4 passengers plus the wheelchair user – to read more about conversions, check the Conversions section on the bottom.

Small WAVs:

A small WAV is converted so that it is suitable for 2 or 3 passengers and 1 wheelchair user , with the access being a rear manual ramp with or without a winch.

Popular makes and models include:

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Drive From Wheelchair

From time to time you may need another person to drive your vehicle, even if as the wheelchair user you are the primary driver. In many drive from wheelchair WAVs, the front passenger seat can be swapped with the driver’s side. In addition, these vehicles have a docking system so that you can travel as a passenger, as well as a driver. You will want to ask a wheelchair accessible vehicle sales representative more about this specific feature.



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