WAV Wheelchair Access Window Sticker

Ramp or Lift

March 14, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

    The entrance to a WAV will be either via a ramp or a lift – at the rear or side or the vehicle. The type of wheelchair, the assistance required and the size of the WAV will determine which is the best option – things to consider include:

    1. Is the wheelchair manual or electric?
    2. Does the wheelchair user require help or assistance? and by whom?
    3. What size in the wheelchair?
    4. Is rear or side access going to be best?

    Ramp entrance:

    The most common type of entrance is a manual rear ramp, where the ramp is folded out from the rear of the vehicle. There are some variations depending on the conversion (See Conversions section) and often a winch is preferred to help and assist with getting the wheelchair user up the ramp into the vehicle

    Things to consider:

    • The length of the ramp – the longer the ramp the less steep it is and therefore easier to wheel up.
    • Spring loaded – some ramps have springs which make it easier to raise and lower.
    • Folding – there is a mid-folding type, which makes it easier to raise and lower but also keeps the rear window for viewing out of.
    • Rear or side access – the majority are at the rear, although side access ramps are available.

    Lift entrance:

    WAVs are available with a lift – usually a rear platform lift that is operated using a remote control. A lift is often the preferred choice if the wheelchair is electric or the user requires assistance where pushing up a ramp is too difficult.

    Things to consider:

    • Lifts are power operated – although reliable they do need servicing regular to ensure they continue to be in perfect working order.
    • Cost is higher – compared to a manual ramp a powered lift is more expensive, so this type of WAV is often dearer compared to the manual ramp alternative.
    • Size of WAV – a lift takes up room and therefore is usually only available with large WAVs.


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