Wheelchair Accessible Cars Lytham St Annes

There are lots of different seating layouts available and these depend on the size of wheelchair accessible car Lytham, St Annes that you choose.

We recommend talking to a local dealer near Lythan St Annes to decide what option would work best for you and your needs. WAVs tend to position the wheelchair user towards the back of the vehicle but there are some that allow for the wheelchair user to sit beside the driver. However, an upfront layout will limit the seating you could have in the back of the WAV. They are also a more expensive option.

Wheelchair Accessible Cars Lytham St Annes

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Sizes of WAVs:

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Wheelchair accessible cars Lytham St Annes are classified as small, medium or large. When thinking about what size WAV would work best for you keep in mind: The size and weight of your wheelchair, Your seated height in your wheelchair, The number of people you regularly travel with, The amount of equipment that you need to take with you on journeys.

Most small WAVs accommodate up to four people including the wheelchair user. These WAVs normally have a ramp rather than a lift to allow access. They usually have a lowered floor to give more headroom inside the vehicle and reduce the angle of the ramp making it easier to get in and out.

A medium WAV is more suitable for a larger wheelchair or if you have a lot of equipment. They seat between five and seven people including the wheelchair user. Most will have a ramp but some are available with a lift instead.

Large WAVs are a good option if you travel with lots of passengers. They are suitable for large or heavy wheelchairs or if you carry lots of equipment. They are normally fitted with a lift to make entry easier.

Thing to think about when buying a WAV:

When deciding on what seating layout will work best for your needs there a few key things you should take into consideration: With some seating arrangements, the wheelchair passenger may find it difficult to see out of the windows or hear other passengers.

If you have a preference then speak to your wheelchair accessible vehicles Lytham St Annes supplier who could advise you. Will a partner or carer need to get to the wheelchair user during journeys – does the seating allow for this? WAV suppliers will normally remove some standard seats from a WAV to make it accessible.

You may be able to have rear seats that fold out of the way or you might be able to request a seat as an optional extra. Sometimes these extra seats can be smaller than the standard option and might not be suitable for adults on long journeys or child seats. If the wheelchair user is sensitive to temperature, you may benefit from additional heating or air conditioning in the back of your WAV – but this is normally at an additional cost.

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