Thinking Of Buying Wheelchair Vehicles In Cannock? See Checklist Below

When thinking of purchasing a Wheelchair Vehicle in Cannock, consider the below points to find your perfect WAV.

Find your perfect WAV.

  • How many people will be travelling regularly in your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?
  • Will you be travelling on motorways a lot?
  • Will daily parking be a problem?
  • Think about any adaptations or special controls you might need.
wheelchair vehicles cannock

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  • Will you need a lot of space in the boot for any equipment or aids you carry with you?
  • Would you prefer an estate, hatchback, saloon or an MPV?
  • Think about fuel – what is your preference, diesel or petrol?
  • Consider accessibility features such as the angle of the door opening, position of the seat belts and the seat height.
  • Is the seat height and shape of the seat comfortable and correct?
  • Can the seats be adjusted and in what way?
  • What about the seat fabric – some fabrics make it easier than others to get in and out of the vehicle.
  • Make sure you can operate and unlock the door handles with ease.
  • Will the doors open as wide as you would need and can you close them without any trouble?
  • Will you be able to enter the vehicle easily and exit with the same ease?
  • Would you be able to transfer easily from/to a wheelchair if needed?
  • Are the supports and handholds suitable for you?
  • Can you easily lift your legs over the sills into the WAV?
  • Is there room to stow away aids such as walking sticks etc.
  • Can you operate the seatbelt easily?
  • Make sure there is sufficient headroom (especially if you are quite tall) so that you have all round vision out of the windows.
  • Find out what features come as standard and what are extras.
  • Does the boot have sufficient space and can you open and close it with ease?
  • If you need special adaptations make sure they can be fitted to the vehicle you would like.

Once you know the wheelchair accessible vehicle features you will need, check out the current Wheelchair Vehicles in stock in the Cannock area: