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Wheelchair Accessible Kia Sedona WAV

March 4, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

Kia Sedona – If you have a disability or a loved one with a disability one of your top priorities is reliable transportation. Public transit like the Tube or buses can be an accommodating, but difficult way to travel around with a disability.

The headache of getting on and off the bus or train can be stressful. And if you travel alone and get into trouble you may need to rely on the help of strangers in some situations. By far the best means to travel with a disability is the same way most travel in Britain: with a personal car or van.

Travelling short or long distances in your own vehicle is a convenient and low-stress way to get around. When looking for a vehicle you need to keep in mind finding a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV). These are your typical small to large sized vans converted to better serve those in wheelchairs. There are many choices to pick from among WAVs. Without a doubt one of the more popular options is a wheelchair accessible Kia Sedona.

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But what makes the Kia Sedona WAV a smart choice?:

A Kia Sedona is at the top of a lot of buyer’s lists when looking for a good WAV. And that’s one reason why it’s a good choice: it’s popularity. Because of the Kia Sedona’s performance and affordable price, it’s become a top buy among WAV buyers.

The popularity of Sedona’s means it’s a common car. So, the price is kept relatively low and is affordable if you find it hard to pay for a new or used car in go condition. But something that’s so popular can’t be all that good can it? It can be, because it’s got some great features.

Wheelchair accessible Kia Sedona WAV

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Kia Sedona WAV specifics?

The features of the Kia Sedona WAV are what make it a smart and safe choice. It’s a medium sized WAV. Meaning it’s big enough to hold a larger sized wheelchair and have some space for additional family members or other necessary supplies. Although it’s not big enough for a lift, most models come with a secure fold out ramp that is often more convenient than an electronic lift system. The entry either on the side or rear. The Sedona also typically comes with low floors to give maximum headspace to make for a more comfortable ride.

It's a popular choice - a luxury WAV...

It’s not easy finding the best WAV. Sometimes you won’t know you found the right one for you until you go out and see some WAVs in person. If you’re able to find a low mileage Kia Sedona (which isn’t difficult to find) you will have a great WAV in your hands. Kia Sedona’s are a well-regarded, reliable, feature heavy, and affordable choice when it comes to the perfect WAV for you or your loved ones. If the Sedona isn’t to your liking, some similar models you can check out or compare are the Fiat Doblo, Chrysler Grand Voyager, and the Renault Kangoo just to name a few other options.

Kia Sedona with side wheelchair access

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