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Hire Car With Wheelchair Access

March 4, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

We work with the leading providers across the UK to get you the best deal if you a looking to hire car with wheelchair access – all the vehicles have been converted so they have either a ramp or lift and the wheelchair user can enter easily and remain seated in their own wheelchair for the duration of the journey.

Make your journey possible.

You may well be unfamiliar with wheelchair accessible vehicles (get used to the terms ‘WAVs’ as this is what they are commonly referred to across the industry) – but they are essentially a standard vehicle that is converted for a wheelchair user.

There are many different types of conversions and adaptations but for hire car with wheelchair access you don’t really need to worry too much about this – you just need a reliable vehicle that is accessible and available to hire!

Types of hire car with wheelchair access.

You probably don’t want anything fancy or special – your more concerned with getting a good reliable WAV to hire for a few days or weeks – have the answers to the following to hand when contacting our suppliers:

The two questions to have the answer for:

1) How many passengers plus the wheelchair user passenger?

Small WAVs are suitable for 1 wheelchair + 3 or 4 passengers – then there are larger WAVs if more passengers are needed. The larger the WAV the higher the daily cost.

2) Is the wheelchair manual or electric?

Not all electric wheelchair will fit or are suitable for go up a ramp into the back of the vehicle – you may need to hire a car with lift wheelchair access if the wheelchair is electric or large, but don’t worry we can help with this!

Types of hire car with wheelchair access.


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