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Folding Active Manual Wheelchairs

March 6, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

If you are an active wheelchair user who travels in a car or by public transport, one of these folding active manual wheelchairs could make your life much easier. However, more than just the convenience of folding, these high-end chairs provide all of the capacities that an active wheelchair user needs. Additionally, they are smart, modern-looking, and very practical.

Neon2 folding wheelchair

The Neon 2 is a popular choice of folding active manual wheelchairs. It is lightweight and has a sleek style. This folding chair from Sunrise Medical weighs 11 kg and is suitable for a person weighing up to 22 stone (140 kg). The reinforced open frame folds up to a compact size that will fit in even a small car. The unique cross-brace provides a stable ride with little flex.

Additionally, this folding wheelchair is really energy-efficient,so you take full advantage of your pushing power. The swing-away footrests make standing transfers easy and you can adjust the angle of the backrest to achieve the best ergonomic posture for you. Changing the gravity lets you adjust the driving characteristics of your chair from passive to very active.

There is a huge choice of active manual wheelchairs – and an important choice it is. Everyone has a different opinion and there are many factors to consider. The following is what we hope is some helpful information, from the best of 2020…

If you’d like to find out more or obtain prices for any of these wheelchairs then please get in touch.

Quickie Xenon range of folding active manual wheelchairs

There is a choice of three chairs in this folding active manual wheelchairs range. The Xenon2 FF is a super-lightweight folding wheelchair that weighs just 8.8kg. It has a fixed front frame, a unique cross-brace system, and a sleek minimalistic design. The Xenon2 Hybrid weighs a little more at 9.5kg. It has a reinforced fixed front frame and a redesigned axle stem that make it stiffer and gives a more stable performance. The Xenon2 SA weighs in at 10.3kg and a sporty design. The swing-away front frame makes standing transfers easier.

Quickie Life folding wheelchair

The Quickie Life F is a robust and durable folding wheelchair. You can choose from two different swing away frame options and two with different fixed frames angles. There are 32 frame colours to choose from and various anodised colour options for other parts to create a personalised chair. Additionally, this folding wheelchair is made to measure and offers loads of different options and extras to create the perfect folding wheelchair for your needs. This chair weighs in at 12.1kg and is suitable for a user weighing up to 22stone(140kg). Also, there is the Quickie Life FT, a folding wheelchair designed to meet the needs of an active teenager.

Kuschall Champion active folding wheelchairs

The Kuschall Champion and the Champion SK have great handling and responsiveness. Yet, both models fold up flat in three simple stages to form a compact, lightweight, and easy to transport package. The Champion SK folds down to the size of an A3 folder and is the most compact folded wheelchair in the world. It is ideal for aeroplane travel as you can break it down quickly and store it in the overhead locker. Both chairs have swing-away footrests for easy standing transfers and can be custom-built to fit your exact size. They have a wide range of optional choices and a huge colour range to create a specialised chair that does what you need it to do.

Advantages of folding active manual wheelchairs

The big advantage is that they fold-up and so are easy to transport as they are compact and lightweight.

Disadvantages of folding active manual wheelchairs

The only real disadvantage with any of these folding active manual wheelchairs is that they never feel quite as firm and unflexing as a rigid chair. If you do not really need a folding chair, check out one of the best rigid frame active wheelchairs on the market, the Kuschall K-series.

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