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March 16, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

You’ll often notice that certain makes and models have different conversions – the reason is that there are a number of converters , some of them convert (take a standard vehicle and make it wheelchair accessible) the same makes and models of vehicles – so one Renault Kangoo might be different to another in terms of seat layout and access because it has a different conversion.

Most of the converters sell direct to the public brand new converted WAVs – available to buy privately or via Motability. You’ll also find some of the converters sell used WAVs, which are usually those converted by themselves.

The conversions do differ slightly

The conversions do differ slightly – and people in the trade may prefer one type over another. They all pass strict testing and are certified, so rather than pick a conversion on the name it’s best to go with what is best for your needs. For example, you may have a wider wheelchair so a conversion which only has one seat in the rear may be best or having a ramp which folds and is spring loaded may be of benefit and make it easier to lower and raise.

We currently work with and recommend the following converters:

Allied Mobility – find out more
Cartwright Mobility – find out more
Brook Miller – find out more
Jubilee Automotive – find out more.
Gowrings Mobility – find out more

Things to consider:

  • Most conversions mean the fuel tank has been made smaller, so the MPG will be lower than the standard non-converted version.
  • Lowered floor – nearly all conversion have a lowered floor, so there is enough head room and the ramp is not too steep. But this does make floor clearance less, so if you live ‘off-road’ it might be worth looking into those with the most floor clearance.
  • Room in the back – if the conversion is for 3 plus a wheelchair user then there will be one less seat and more room in the back, when compared to 4 + wheelchair user


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