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Cars For Mobility Scooters

March 4, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

Getting a mobility scooter in and out of a car is not always easy – most models are very heavy and transporting them frequently can be hard work. The best solution is cars for mobility scooters, that have been converted with a ramp or lift so that getting in and out is easy you just ride the mobility scooter straight into the back of the car.

Over 500 used cars for mobility scooters!view them here.

How do these types of cars work?:

  • There is a huge range of cars with ramps available – already converted with a ramp or lift.
  • They are suitable for wheelchairs and mobility scooters and make getting in and out easy.
  • You can also trasnfer into the normal car seat once inside – there are ven adaptions so the seat can swivel!
  • Most dealers will also happily have your existing car as part exchange – you could swop your car for one with a ramp and make getting the scooter in and out much easier!
Cars for mobility scooters

Make life easier with a ramp or lift! – we can help you find a cars for mobility scooters – browse our stock or contact a dealer near you here.

What makes and models are available?:

  • Popular makes and models of cars from mobility scooters include the Renault Kangoo, Fiat Doblo and Peogeot Partner – they are the small type of accessible cars, ideal for a small or medium mobility scooter and 2 or 3 additional passengers.
  • Larger cars are also available – such as the Renault Master, which would be ideal for a large electric wheelchair or mobility scooter and 4 or 5 additional passengers.
Car with ramp for mobility scooter

Where can you buy a vehicle like this from?

We work with most of the leading mobility scooter car dealers in the UK.

There are specialist dealers across the UK – that only sell cars with ramps so they are ideal for mobility scooters. They have the knowledge of what is the best type and what size you need depending on the mobility scooter that you have. We have a network of dealers and promote cars available to buy – click ‘dealers’ in our menu bar at the top of the page and find a local car dealer and see what stock they have available today.

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