WAV Wheelchair Access Window Sticker


March 5, 2020
Posted by: WAVCompare

We can help you find wheelchair accessible vehicle suitable for a tow bar – contact a dealer near you here.

A fully converted WAV will consist of a ramp or lift for access but there are a number of adaptations that can make life easier and those that still allow the wheelchair user to drive with ease, including:

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Hand Controls

Hand controls can be fitted to nearly every automatic car – in simple terms they fit under the steering wheel and when ‘pulled’ the car accelerates and when ‘pushed’ the brakes are applied. They can be fitted from around £500 and enable you to drive a car without the need to use your feet!

Steering Ball

A steering wheel ball simply clamps onto the wheel gives you enhanced mobility and control – often used in conjunction with hand controls but ideal if hand grip is an issue or extra control is preferred on larger vehicles.

Left Foot Accelerator

Designed for drivers who are unable to operate the accelerator pedal with their right foot, this adaptation allows a driver to operate an accelerator pedal on the left of the brake pedal with their left foot. There is a mechanical and electrical version available and a vehicle can be converted easily, allowing you to switch between right and left foot and with no loss of acceleration, including the kick down.

Swivel Seat

Depending on your mobility you may want to access the WAV using your wheelchair – but then transfer into either the passenger or drivers seat. You will find some WAVs have already been converted and called ‘transfer seat’ but it is also an option to have this adaption fitted after depending on your requirements.

Electric Winch

An electric winch is fitted within the WAV and using the belt and various connectors you fasten this to the front of the wheelchair – the winch will be remote controls and helps assist the wheelchair up the ramp and into the vehicle, taking the load and making it easier for the wheelchair user and/or passenger assisting.



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